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Kevin Hansen, Owner

White Glove Home Improvements is a Licensed General Contractor in the State of Utah that specializes in residential and commercial remodeling. We are your design/build construction company serving Southern Utah.

White Glove Home Improvements is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. A key to our success is the commitment we have to first understand our customers’ needs and preferences. We are passionate about providing excellence in design ideas and craftsmanship. We strive to design each project with functionality that is aesthetically pleasing. Every step of our remodeling process is performed with the end result in mind. Our customer reviews reflect this focus area since 2000. We provide innovative solutions for a wide range of remodeling projects. Our projects include kitchen and bathroom re-design and upgrades, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, casitas, detached garages, garage conversions, room additions and expansions, landscaping design, creative work spaces and complete home makeovers.

Kevin Ray Hansen, founder and General Manager of White Glove Home Improvements has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. From his early beginnings as a painting contractor’s son he learned the value of paying close attention to detail.


Kevin recalls, “As I was thinking on what name would best represent our business and what image I wanted to portray, I thought of my beginnings in this industry with my father, Max Andrew Hansen. My dad was a master painter who was known for his professionalism and attention to detail. His customers appreciated how clean and neat he performed his work. I remember my father wearing white canvas work gloves when painting to keep the sticky oil based paints off his hands. I thought the name White Glove Home Improvements would be a fitting way to remember the legacy my father left of always being clean and neat. White Glove’s tag line, The Finishing Touch, reflects the years of training Kevin had with his father when things had to be done “just right”!

Kevin Ray Hansen has great ideas and vision. He loves the challenge of bringing those ideas to fruition and loves to create. Having worked closely with customers throughout the years has given Kevin a keen sense of what does and does not make sense when remodeling. This has been reflected time and time again in his creative designs and selections of products that best meet his customer’s needs.

Blake Hansen, Co-OwnerBlake Hansen is co-owner of White Glove Home Improvements. He has been working with White Glove for 12 years. Blake has always loved to build and create. He has a unique ability to figure things out and understand what makes things work. He, like his father, Kevin, enjoys doing the job right the first time. He is an amazing hard worker. He is tireless in his attention to detail and quality. Together, Kevin and Blake make a powerhouse team for creating dream homes and innovations to the Southern Utah community.