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When it comes to constructing a custom home of your dreams, it is essential for you to comply with the statutory building structure codes that the regulatory authorities of your city or state lay down. This is to ensure that property you build in not a threat to the lives of the people who are going to stay in it. If there is any violation of such rules, you become liable for non-compliance as an owner. The professionals of White Glove Home Improvements, a custom-home building company with an excellent reputation in the market, say the situation can differ when you hire a skilled general contractor. However, they point out the following aspects that you need to consider on this issue:

  1. Responsibility

When you decide to construct a custom-house for your family members, you need to involve some parties who specialize in different fields in the project. In such a situation, everyone needs to have a distinct understanding of who is responsible for complying with the building structure codes that the regulatory authorities enforce. This is because in case of any violation of such rules that person will be accountable and liable. These professionals clarify that that individual you entrust with the maximum responsibility for ensuring completion of the project is responsible for ensuring proper execution of such rules. It is important that such an expert should have a thorough understanding of these guidelines.This includes every aspect of the construction project including procuring the right materials for the electrical wiring.

  1. When you oversee every aspect of the project yourself

When you log on to, you will find a section relating to compliance of statutory building structure codes that differ state governments enforce. If you read it thoroughly, you come to understand that if you opt to take charge of the construction of your custom home, you are solely responsible for implementing the necessary rules. This implies that you need to have a precise knowledge of such guidelines, how to execute the rules and the consequences of violating them. This is not a very easy task to accomplish especially when you do not have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise in this field.

  1. Opting for the services of a proficient general contractor

You may decide to hire the services a skilled and reliable general contractor for the job and do not take a proactive role in the project. In such a case, such a professional is responsible for ensuring proper compliance with such building structure codes. Many residential property owners opt for this path because such an expert has the necessary certificates and licenses to prove he is conversant with such guidelines. However, it is still equally important to you as an owner to have a good understanding of these codes. This is because if there is any violation, you become just as liable for prosecution as contractor responsible for carrying out the project.

To have a better understanding of such building structure codes and who is responsible for complying with them, please visit

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