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Building and home improvement services are essential for all, and there is a different type of home improvement work which you can opt for. At the white glove, we provide different types of home design, and finishing works for your building necessities. Latest designs and décor plans are there for you, and you can always try them out from our agency. The commercial buildings like a restaurant and café require a special touch to the aesthetics as well as practical planning for the kitchen, and we try our best to make both this factors blend in our service. 

Landscaping for commercial places

Some of the services we provide include landscaping for a commercial place like a resort and restaurant. Interior works include complete decoration of the kitchen and bathroom and providing advice regarding interior decoration. The makeover of the entire building and even providing the finishing touch to a planned building and adding innovative renovation works to it as well. There are different types of work like setting a kitchen countertop, providing tiling works for the bathroom; flooring works for the entire space are some of the services we provide. You can easily get in touch with the company representatives and tell us about your requirements, and we would provide you with the right solutions.

Factors to be considered

Several factors have to be taken into consideration when you are opting for a building project. The area of the land that you have, the building to be renovated if it is an old building which you wish to reconstruct, the type of decoration and interior work you are looking for, the material that you are willing to use and the overall cost effectiveness of the project. If it is a commercial space than the type of business and the theme based on which you want the decor also would be taken into consideration. When you come to white gloves, we analyze all these factors and then suggest the best customization that would suit the commercial space. Your opinion is also taken into consideration when the overall planning is being done. 

Project cost

The cost of the entire project varies with the design and the materials and the overall labor charges. However, we try out best to give a proper estimate of the cost to the clients so that they can decide the finance depending on that. We have different flexible payment policies for commercial finishing works and have some of the best interior decorators working for us.  The main aim is to provide each client with a masterpiece solution which is artistic and practical and aesthetically appealing.

You can easily contact the website and set kinds appointment with the experts regarding the project that you want them to execute for you. They have every type of solution to home décor and finishing works, and if you are looking for a quality home décor solution, then we can provide you with several options. Feel free to consult the experts and browse our website to know more about us

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