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Sometimes, all you need is to redesign a part of your home to make it look all new and chic. Most of the times, it is the kitchen. The kitchen controls the central energy of a home. If your home does not have a beautiful kitchen, chances are, the rest of your home lacks a general positive energy.

For example, our experts at White Glove home improvements prefer a kitchen that faces the east or the southeast. That way, all the morning light floods the kitchen filling it with a nice vibe. The homeowners also get the much natural white light to work with. This saves electricity bills and keeps the kitchen fresh too. Find out more ways you can save on utility bills by making small changes in your home, right here at White Glove.

A single light can change the topography

Reorienting a kitchen is not always possible. Then you have to start with smart lighting options. You need to substitute for the natural light with artificial fixtures. If you live in a rather hot climate, where you do not want the direct sun inside your kitchen, you can try using awnings, eaves, and overhangs above windows to create a natural-ish shade. If possible, plant a deciduous tree or a tall shrub right outside the window. Consult one of our landscaping experts for the best advice.

Connected yet isolated

Since your house is not an island, you need to think of a mudroom. This will reduce the kitchen area traffic by mediating the traffic to and from the house. This also acts as a brilliant buffer from excessive cold or the heat people tend to usher in a while entering or leaving. You can convert this space into a hat room, cloakroom and pantry room. White Glove can help you chalk a plan that will help you find the extra room without tearing down walls.

Small kitchen, functioning kitchen

The kitchen itself does not have to be humongous. We prefer an island design, where you use a central table or cabinet cum breakfast bar to divide the zones in your kitchen. A central lighting can transform the breakfast bar to a dining table when guests come over. Find out best dining light options at the White Glove website.

Stick with the “safe” calls

Pay close attention to the work triangle. This is the region between the sink, refrigerator, and the oven. Our designers opine an area too short will make the place cramped. You will be dancing between the sink, fridge, and hobs during the most of the day. Therefore, there is no point deceiving yourself with some impractical, eclecticclaustrophobia-inducing plan.

You can go with any of the three classics to save your day – U-shaped, I-shaped and galley layouts. The U-shaped and I-shaped are best if you have many people accessing your kitchen throughout the day. It creates false pockets of isolation that helps people reach the fridge or the sink without necessarily bumping into the cook.

Redesigning the kitchen is a massive project. If you want to redefine the way your home feels, you should start with your kitchen. You can find out all about styles, counter top designs, materials, and costs right here at

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