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The garage is possibly the most used, yet the most neglected part of your home. Over the years, it serves as a storage room, trash room, hiding place for raccoons and mice and a safe house for critters. It is time to clean out your garage before the next spring hits.

Why do you want a makeover?

Garage sales might be a bright idea for rid your home of the unwanted junk that has accumulated inside the garage. It offers no solution for the discolored walls, creaking garage doors and the moss that has gathered in the corners. Let us not forget the seasonal leaking from the rain gutters that is driving you mad every year.

First, decide what you want from your makeover.

  • Smooth garage door
  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Removal of old mossy coat too
  • Fixing leaky pipes and soaks from gutters
  • Fixing cracks on the floor
  • Repainting the ceiling too

Are you in need of expert help?

We always ask our clientsa few additional questions –

  • Is your ceiling high enough to accommodate extra storage?
  • Do you have insulation on your walls or do you need to insulate them freshly?
  • Do not need better lighting?
  • Is your floor in need or recovery from spills, salts, and stains?

Well, if you need new storage, new insulation, and a new floor, we suggest you consult with our expert garage specialist immediately. Taking this on as a DIY project will not only cost you more money, it will also take up a lot of your time. You cannot possibly apply for a vacation at your job because you are “fixing your garage”! White Glove experts can make all the assessments in no time. We will tell you where you need a brief retouching and where you might need a complete overhaul. This will save your precious time and money. You will be able to focus on something you like (isn’t it the Season Finals this weekend?), and we can do what you want us to do!

What your garage storage should look like

Always plan on getting a little maintenance garage. Decide the floor space depending on the size of your car. Many people park their cars in their driveway and use their garages as storerooms. Now, do you want to do that? Alternatively, do you want the best of both? In such a case, you should go with sliding storage systems. These are vertical drawers like “cupboards” where you can hang your toolset, hosepipes, car-washingequipment, gardening stuff and more. You can also go with specialtyheavy-duty storage racks, garage cabinetry or Slatwall storage for optimum organization. According to the experts at White Glove, always work with storage solutions that help you find things when you need them the most.

Garage makeovers are not easy. Once you take on the task of organizing the necessary and the unnecessary, consider your work half-done. Most of our clients hesitate the most to plunge into the mess for sorting their garages out. The rest is a walk in the park. For the best garage organization ideas visit

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