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For any construction project that comprises of building structures, it is mandatory to comply with the statutory requirements of building codes.  Any structure that is constructed and not buildings alone comes under the purview of building codes, which are a set of rules that defines a standard for the quality of construction.  Therefore, complying with building codes of your area is a responsibility that no property owner can deny. Presuming that contractors and builders like White Glove Home Improvements carry out the construction work, the question that arises is how much and who is responsible for ensuring compliance with building codes. It is important to have clarity on the matter because in the course of the project if any violation happens, as the property owner you will be liable to answer it. The rule is same for new and remodeled homes whether it is production homes or custom homes.

The responsibility angle

Since there are many parties involved in a construction project including the property owner, there must be a clear understanding of who is responsible for enforcing the codes and ensure adherence.  The person who has the maximum involvement in the project is primarily responsible for implementing the building codes. The person must have complete knowledge about building codes that cover almost every aspect of the project – from materials used to electrical wiring and insulation work the codes impact almost every aspect of the project.

Handling the project on your own

If you are building your home with the help of contractors and experts and you are in charge of the construction as well as planning the job details, then it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the building codes in every aspect of the construction work. You must have complete knowledge about building codes before you embark on the project and even during the project, you must update it.  It is not an easy job and inability to comprehend codes and implement it correctly could jeopardize the project.

Hiring a general contractor

If you entrust the project to a general contractor and do not get involved closely with the project, the major responsibility for compliance with building rules and building codes rests on him.  This is the reason why property owners entrust contractors with the project work. However, the contractor must have the requisite qualification, certifications, and licenses that show he or she is thoroughly conversant with the codes and knows how to comply with it.

However, this does not mean that you can keep yourself insulated from the responsibility of complying with building codes.  In case the contractor violates rules and codes, you will not be able to get away with it because at the end the buck stops at the property owner. 

As a property owner, do not allow the contractor to have his / her ways but monitor the compliance carefully. However, for complete peace of mind hire a contractor of the caliber of the builder, who will never cut corners to gain undue advantage.

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