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A makeover is not complete without refacing the fireplace. You can change the wallpapers, tiling, flooring, and furniture, but you cannot usher in the modification completely unless you reface the fireplace. Fireplaces are important focal points in any room. You cannot leave one out looking stark and odd after a room remodeling. The touch of renovation needs to hit the fireplace too.

We know what you are thinking. After remodeling the entire room, your budget will make it impossible to repair a fireplace. Worry not. The WhiteGloveHomeImprovements is here to help you. We have helped some homes, big and small, complete their overhauls by suggesting the most minimal changes in their fireplace impacts that bear great significance.

Let us start with the design option materials. The choice depends on the use of the hearth. Is it just for looks or is it usable? There is an option available for all kinds of hearths and fireplaces you can think of.

    • Stucco mix – this is ideal for a quick makeover of fireplaces. You can get a ready-to-use stucco mix and start the process yourself. However, smoothening the concrete mix is the toughest part. This requires finesse and expertise. You need to keep the application about 3/8th inches thick and uniform.
    • Masonry veneers – you may have already heard of “thin stone” or “thin brick.” That is none other than masonry veneers. They are identical to real bricks and stones. They are easy to apply. However, making them last long is a challenge. You need professionals to help you with the refacing process.
    • Wood facing –it gives your entire room a warm appeal. You can leave it without varnish for lending a rustic charm to your living room, or you can polish it to complete the sophisticated décor. If you want wood facing for your fireplace, you should always consult a professional. The NSBC prohibits the installation of wooden fireplaces within 6 inches of a working fireplace. The new model has to be clever so that there is no code violation and at the same time, it looks premium.
    • Tile – it is the most readily available resurfacing material for fireplaces. It is also the most pocket-friendly. It offers a broad range of textures and a flurry of colors to pick from. Choose a color that goes with the rest of your room.
    • Granite – you can use pure granite, or you can choose the lighter stone slabs that we use for sprucing up modern kitchens and minimal bathroom spaces. These are a little costlier than the other options, but they also make your living space look like a catalog model.

The installation will vary depending upon the type of restoration material you choose. It will also depend on your creative spirit and the building expertise of your aid. We strive to create perfection with our every move. Not only do we refurbish fireplaces, we see if a fireplace is safe before we begin the process. If not, we even rebuild hearths.

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