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Your humble abode is the most important investment of your life. So, it is justified if you want to revamp it. You may already have a couple of ideas in mind. It might be a seasonal repair, or it might be an occasional overhaul. A tight budget may be keeping you from executing the makeover.

Most of the times, our clients want a quick makeover for the loving homes. This does not have to necessarily mean, there is something wrong with the way their homes look now. They just want to see a change. The easiest and most popular way to pave the way for change is to opt for decorative tile painting.

Why retile when you can just repaint?

The hassle of retiling the whole floor can cost you a pretty penny. We would suggest you to give repainting a second thought. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, White Glove Home Improvements can step in for you. The overall cost of repainting tiles is very pocket-friendly. This is not a permanent solution since paint tends to peel off from tiles. We prefer repainting tiles in the drier areas of the house simply because the paint sticks for a longer period. 

Repainting your bathroom tiles is a quick way to jazz up your repose. High-moisture spaces like the bathroom require special moisture-proof and heatproof paints that stick for longer. Even repainting your laundry room and the kitchen is a good idea for a quick makeover for your monotone indoors. 

Choosing a professional is imperative if you have a great paint job in mind. DIY might seem very lucrative, but always remember the amount of time you will have to invest and the precautionary measures you will have to take. A professional will always know how to cover the baseboards properly while painting the floor. We keep repairing any chip and replacing missing tiles in the way.

Choosing the right paint

If you do not have any painting experience, the sheer type and brands of paints in the hardware storewill bamboozle you. Here are a few types we use depending on the floor type and the location –

    • Chalk paint – if you want a shabby, chic color tone we recommend a chalk paint. We love to work with monotones. We apply the chalk coat without a primer. We also use it has a base for paints.
    • Latex paint – this works marvelously on both solid and patterned floors. We use it to attain a high-gloss finish.
    • Oil-based paint – this is ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. It does not chip as much. It stays on longer. We also use it for outdoor work like painting porches. This offers a high-gloss option and a semi-gloss choice. One look at your interiors and we will be able to tell you what your room exactly needs.

The painting process can be tedious for any inexperienced nonprofessional. We can help you get the work done to perfection in a couple of hours.

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